Welcome to SexiProMs Forums atm the server is Hamachi I dont know for how long, but I am working on trying to get it none, Please enjoy your stay!
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Please Enjoy you're stay at SexiProsMS Very Happy

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 Server and Forum RULES!

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PostSubject: Server and Forum RULES!   Mon Dec 27, 2010 1:12 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SERVER RULES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

1:Respect GameMasters, Intern's, Trusted member's, and Player's. (Respect others is what this rules basicly means.)

2:DO NOT! abuse glitches, or bug's you will be Permenently Banned.

3:DO NOT! Harass other Player's or Staff member's you will be Temporarily Banned and if your Temporarily Banned / warned 3 times You will be Permenently Banned from the server so Please watch what you say.

4:Report any glitches / Bug's right away! Report them on forums or to a GameMaster / Admin.

5:Report to an Admin if any GameMaster is giving away free item's or leveling / changing their jobs without permision, And just to be safe report them even if they have permision. Thanks <3

6:If you have a problem with someone Ksing you in server Please try and work it out before asking a GameMaster / Admin.

7:DO NOT!bug a GameMaster if they are ignoring you because they can be busy helping another players so Just wait till he/she is done then ask your question but do not spam or you will be Temporarily Banned for a day or Jailed for 15 hours-24 hours.

Please Enjoy You're Stay Here at SexiProsMS Very Happy
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Server and Forum RULES!
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